Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mixed results from the Maine Grillin and Chillin Contest

Just got back from the Maine Grilling and Chillin Contest. We had a great time, but didn't do so well in the competition. We ended up finishing 20th overall out of 29 team, not our best showing by any means. We got 8th in chicken, 11 in brisket, the other two, ribs and pork didn't do so well. The ribs were over cooked and a little on the dry side, but they tasted good. The pork I think was a little under cooked(too tough) but also tasted good. We have been really struggling with our pork, and can't seem to get it consistent. We will have about three weeks before the next contest to try out a couple of new ideas, we'll see what happens. Overall it wasn't a bad event. Also Congratulations to the IQUE BBQ team for winning Grand Champion.

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