Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Smoker Carrier

This is the new Cargo Carrier that is going to be used to transport the smokers to and from BBQ contests. It has been modified slightly by Chad Humphrey of Humpheys Chips and Chunks. We added 4 adjustable and retractable stabilizer supports along with shortening the insert that goes into the receiver on the truck. We also gave it a new paint job and added some Stainless hardware. We are also having a sign made up by Nicole Humprhey, that will be mounted on the back as well. The center is being saved for a new 22" Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) cooker. I am so excited about this because not only is it going to be easier to move the smokers around, it is also going to give me more room in the back of the truck for all the other stuff that we bring to a contest.