Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Competition Check list- a must have

When I first started competing, I didn't have a lot of equipment. All I had was a brinkman bullet, chimney starter and a cooler for beer. I didn't have to worry about bringing any of the supplies, becsause all the other guys on the team had everything we needed, it was kind of nice because I all I had to do was just show up. As time moved on, so did team members and I found myself buying more and more equipment, not just for the BBQ contest, but stuff I would need for tailgating at the Pats games as well(Tables, more coolers, EZUPs, etc...). It wasn't until last year, when I decided to start my own team, I realized I only had about 25% of the equipment I would need to compete with, I still neded to get cleaning supplies, more tables, paper goods, storage bins etc.. I was thinking that someone on line has to have some sort of an eqiupment/supply check list that I can use as a starting point. Well I came across a couple of different checklists that I was able use and finally came up with my own checklist, and I have to tell you, without that checklist I would be totally and completely lost. If I have any advise to give to a team starting out, is to have some sort of checklist to go by, trust me on this it will make your life a whole lot easier and the competition will be far more enjoyable. Here is a link to a couple of checklists that have been very helpful to me and

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