Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The streak continues. By: Shaune Connolly

June was a very busy month for us.  We had 3 competitons back to back to back; Cape Cod BBQ Championship in Sandwich, MA, Rock n' Ribfest in Merrimack, NH and BBQ at the Ballpark in Old Orchard Beach, ME.  It was a tough 3 weeks on all of us but we made it through all of them with some awesome results!

Cape Cod BBQ Championship: Grand Champion BBQ
We had a alot of fun at this competition eventhough it rained the entire weekend and our site looked like Peter's Pond.  We always enjoy this competition because its close to home and the ementies at the campground are great...they have showers!  It was also our first competition where we got to use our new 10x20 EZ-up, we kept dry the entire weekend....YAY!  Saturday night we got to enjoy a potluck with Beverage Brothers and Sweet Chicken...great food and great friends!  Sunday was a typical BBQ day and we were happy with everything we presented.  Winning Grand Champion again was a big shock to all of us!

Rock n' Ribfest: Grand Champion Grilling, Grand Champion BBQ
This was a busy weekend because we were doing grilling on Saturday and BBQ on Sunday.  Bill usually does not like to do grilling but we usually do well so I persuaded him to do it.  Categories were shrimp, pizza, sausage and saltwater fillet.  Al did his Shrimp Tacos that he won first place for at Memphis in May, I did a pulled pork pizza and Bill did sausage and salmon.  We knew what we presented was good but never expected to win Grand Champion. 

Again, Sunday was a typical BBQ day.  Bill felt a little more stress than normal due to winning 3 champinships in a row.  In the end we all pulled together and presented some pretty good BBQ.  After everything was done Bill and I were relaxing , talking about the day and having a couple of beers.  I said to Bill "wouldn't it be great if I put my hand in this cooler and pulled out a Harpoon Raspberry Beer"(I drank them all on Friday night or so I thought) .  He said "there are none in the cooler, Shaune...let it go".  So I put my hand in the cooler and what came out....a Harpoon Raspberry!!!  I turned to Bill and said this is an omen, we are going to win today!  An hour later we won Grand Champion for BBQ!  This was just crazy...Bill, Al and I still can't believe it!  This was a huge win for us because now we are definitely going to The Jack!


BBQ at the Ballpark: 6th place overall, 1st place brisket, 5th place chicken, 5th place pork
We were not scheduled to do this contest but we were on such a streak that Bill and Al thought we needed to do it so off we went.  Unfortunately, the streak was broken at this event by our good friends, Feeding Friendz.  It was a fun competition even though it rained Friday and Saturday.

We are off for the next 3 weeks...our next competition is Harpoon!  See you all there!

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