Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lexington BBQ Battle

Cold, rain, and wind. That's pretty much how the weekend weather went. Cold Saturday morning and throughout the day, torrential rain and winds through the night. What else do expect in New England for this time of year. Still that didn't stop 27 of the best BBQ teams from doing what they love...Cooking BBQ.

This contest was hosted by Steve Eastridge from the BBQ team Meat@slims. Steve and his team did a fantastic job planning and organizing this event. All of the proceeds from this event went to support the LABB Collaborative.

This was the first contest we were able to use our new trailer. It was nice to be able to do all of our prep under cover and out of the elements. After a few tugs from the bottle of Gentleman Jack to warm us up, the meat was ready to go on the smoker.

Despite the wind and the rain everything was running pretty smooth, the auto-water on the smoker was working, the pit was holding temp great. It seemed to be smooth sailing, until I checked the temp of the butts and brisket two hours after wrapping in foil, they had only gone up about 5 degrees, not good. I made the decision to finish them on the Weber Kettle grill. After 1.5-2hrs they were happily resting in the Cambro, crisis averted. It's all in how you react...Right Chris??

Smoking Hoggz BBQ had a pretty good weekend all in all. We finished 9th overall, 7th in chicken, 7th in pork and 8th in Brisket. This was an excellent start to the 2011 BBQ season. Congratulations goes out to Fatback Joe's for winning GC and our good friends Mighty Swine Dining for winning RGC, and all the rest of the teams who got calls. Our next event is Memorial Day Weekend, in Rochester NY, Roc City Ribfest. Hope to see you there!!!

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