Sunday, January 17, 2010

Simply Salmon

One of my favorite fish to eat and cook is Salmon, it doesn't matter how it is prepared, from to sushi to lox and bagels or just simply grilled with a little lemon and dill.  There is just something about the flavor and the texture that I just love.
I decided to go to the local fish monger and pick out a nice Salmon fillet (about 1.75lb). It was such an awesome day, I thought it would be good to fire up the Weber and cook it with a little indirect heat with some sugar maple wood chunks for a little smoke flavor as well.
All I did to prep the Salmon was, first cut the fillet in half and then seasoned with a little bit of Smokin Hoggz all purpose rub and some brown sugar. I wanted to try out a new finishing sauce also. I made a nice Balsamic reduction glaze that came out very good, sweet with a little tang.
The salmon went on the pre heated grill (275-295) for about 40 minutes total cook time, about half way through (20 min) I applied some of the glaze and at the end of the cook as well.
The Salmon came out great, the flavor was awesome, the fish just melted in your mouth. Here are pix I took of it so you can get an idea, enjoy.

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