Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Three in a row

     Back in January we started planning out our BBQ schedule, Roc City looked like a good place to start then two weeks later was Merrimack. Then when Peter's Pond was added to the NEBS schedule we thought, sure we can handle three weekends in a row, why not!! Man let me tell you, although we had an awesome time at all three, I feel like I have been run over by a convoy of tracker trailers, I don't know how all these teams can do 20+ contest a year, My hat goes off to all you.
Roc City Rib Fest
     Our first adventure started out memorial day weekend. Friday morning at 5AM, truck was packed and we were on the road headed to Rochester NY, for the Roc City Rib Fest, this was our first time going to this contest, we did not know what to expect. We got there around 1PM, first thing we noticed was the view of Lake Ontario, AWESOME!!!!! is the only way to describe it, we were literally about 100 feet from the beach. Brian from Good Smoke BBQ was the contest organizer, and he and his staff did an outstanding job making sure all of the teams feel welcome, Free ice all weekend, Trash removal, Pot luck dinner Friday night, Saturday night catered dinner, and a full breakfast Sunday morning, it was fantastic.
     Saturday was grilling, and a rib contest. We took 11th overall in grilling with a 5th in dessert, A big thank you goes out to Shaune for her Fabulous Peach Cobbler.
     Sunday was the BBQ, we didn't fair so well at this one, with a 49th out 69 teams and our best finish was ribs that placed 19th. Overall we had a great time, the weather was terrific all weekend long, and there even a sighting of two pasty white whales (AL and myself) swimming in lake at 7AM Sat morning, man was that water cold, but damn refreshing.
     Congrats goes out to IQUE for GC in grilling and 3rd overall in BBQ and Mr BOBO's for winning the Rib contest.
Peter's Pond
     Next weekend we had Peter's Pond, in Sandwich MA. After a year from being off of the NEBS schedule, Ted from Q Haven BBQ brought it back, better than ever. Thanks Ted, Fantastic job. This year teams had a choice to sign up for a site on the field or an actual RV site (full amenities), what a great option. Next year I am definitely getting the RV site.
     I really like this contest, for one it is close to home, and two it is at a camp ground which means they have full bathroom facilities (showers!!). The BBQ gods spared us for the most part, with the exception of Sat mornings rain storm. Sat night there was an anything Butt contest, which means anything but the 4 KCBS categories(chix, ribs, pork, brisket). we didn't do so well in that. I was a little heavy handed with the heat, oh well.
     Sunday was the BBQ, we were 22nd out of 33 team with our best finish being a 16th in pork. All in all we had fun and looking forward to next year.
     Again Congrats goes to IQUE for getting GC and Yabba Dabba Que for RGC
Merrimack, Rockin' Rib Fest
     Finally the third weekend arrives and we head up to Merrimack NH. We set up next to our friends Charlie and Alan from Mighty Swine Dining, we had a lot of laughs and a lot of beers, good times.
     Saturday was grilling, and we ended up finishing 16th out of 27 with a 1st place in Pork chops, WOOO HOOO!!! I know the presentation does not give these pork chops any justice at all, but the flavor was awesome!!! cooked perfectly tender and juicy. I have to give out an huge congratulations to Mighty Swine Dining for getting GC and Yabba Dabba Que for RGC in grilling. Awesome jobg to both teams.
     Sunday was again time to BBQ and again we struggled to get 26th out of 37, with the only highlight being a 7th in pork. Congratulations goes out to Lo'-N-Slo' BBQ for GC and T'N'T Dynamite BBQ for RGC.
     The last three weekends have been a blast, very tiresome, but a lot of fun. As for our BBQ, I think what we put out there for the judges is top quality BBQ. For all you judges out there, just remember how much time and effort each team commits to producing their BBQ.
    Lastly I would just like to thank Chad and Nicole from Humphrey's Chips and  Chunks for their continued support and confidence in Smokin' Hoggz BBQ. You guys are Awesome!!!!